A truly special birthday party in Tuscany

There are some days in life that worth to be properly celebrated. Whether will be you organizing or your friends, wife/husband or grown-up kids, we are sure that after reading this article you will be ready to live the most enjoyable birthday party ever.

Be inspired by our client's birthday celebration in Tuscany.

A small group of friends decided to prepare a surprise for one of them turning 70 during their holiday in Tuscany. They contacted us saying that they wanted to live the best experience ever mixing adventure and relax, good food & wine and also celebrating in a quite fashionable way the 70th birthday of their friend.

Our challenge was to find an exciting and at the same time comfortable adventure for our clients and also to make any moment of their journey be just fabulous. So at the airport upon arrival they found a group of Ferraris to wait for them with a tour leader to take them through the roads of Tuscany looking for the best spots. The excitement starts as soon as the engine of the cars was turned on and beautiful smiles appeared on our clients faces.

Airport welcome_Birthday party surprise in Tuscany.jpg
Ferrari tour_Birthday party surprise Tuscany.jpg
Ferrari_Birthday party celebration.jpg

We booked the accommodations in the most exclusive Borgo in Tuscany near Chiusdino, a peaceful place where to relax and enjoy life.

Luxury Borgo in Tuscany.jpg

When everybody was settled and they had the next day out to discover the nearby city of Siena and the gorgeous San Galgano Abbey, we started the preparation for the birthday party surprise.

We rented a suite with a private garden in the same estate where they were staying and we decorated the table ready for a superb lunch prepared by the Michelin Starred chef of Meo Modo restaurant.

Garden Suite in Tuscany.jpg
Luxury suite in Tuscany.jpg

Our event stylist took care to prepare every detail and to coordinate the florists and the live jazz band that was called to play during the lunch!

Joyful white flowers and sparkling gems on the table made the atmosphere just perfect and the jazz band cheered up the group of friends during the whole afternoon. Of course a personalised birthday cake that we commissioned to a specialised pâtissier added the last touch to an already perfect birthday party!

Decorations_Birthday party in Tuscany.jpg
Table decorations_birthday party in Tuscany.jpg
Flower decorations_Birthday party in Tuscany.jpg
Live jazz band rehearsal_birthday party in Tuscany.jpg

Spa holidays in Tuscany

When people say they want to go on a holiday, what they imagine is getting away from the stress of their daily lives and retreating in a small paradise, where they can relax and be pampered. If you want the spa holiday experience, then Tuscany is the perfect place for you. It has many hot springs and some of the best spas in Europe.


Every need you have will be catered to and all your senses will be enchanted by the natural beauty of the area. Thermal waters and hot springs, baths in rock pools, you have it all. Some of the best places in Tuscany are these breathtaking pools like Petriolo, Saturnia or Bagno Vignoni.

Hot springs Bangi San Filippo

Hot springs Bangi San Filippo

Hor springs Petriolo

Hor springs Petriolo

Stay at luxury spa hotels in historical places, or even get away from the city on a weekend holiday, all you have to do is bring your camera. The photos you will take here will serve as lifetime reminders of the most beautiful and relaxing holiday you will ever have.


Bagno Vignoni is one of the most enchanting villages with hot springs and a precious jewel in the heart of Tuscany. Thanks to its proximity to the Via Francigena (the main route followed by the ancient pilgrims who came to Rome) waters that flow in this beautiful place were used since Roman times to thermal purposes.

The village is so small that consists of only two cobblestone streets and a rectangular pool, dated back 1500. The pool contains a source of hot spring water steaming out of the underground aquifer of volcanic origins. Since the time of the Etruscans and then the Romans - as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds - the spa of Bagno Vignoni were attended by distinguished figures such as Pope Pius II, Catherine of Siena, Lorenzo de'Medici and many others. In addition to the bath there are remains of four ancient mills recently unearthed.


A few steps from this incredible place today you can find all the luxury and comfort you wish from your Spa holiday. A stunning hotel with hot springs and enchanting views of the valley, a paradise of relax and quiete. Perfect for a romantic escape as well as for therapeutic purpose or just to have a relaxing break. Come here to spend your holidays will be just perfect.


Vintage car holidays

If you love driving a vintage car and want the best experience ever, choose to have a vintage car holiday in Italy. Vintage car holidays are very romantic, but also quite stress-free.


Tuscany offers some amazing landscapes and you can choose from a wide range of cars – from the Italian signature car, Fiat 500, to pretty convertibles like the Alfa Romeo Duetto.


You’ll feel like you are in a movie from the golden age of Hollywood and all the details are taken care of: parking space, driving tours, maps and guidance and recommendations of the most beautiful roads in the area. Visit the famous castles in the Chianti region, drive the through the magical and picturesque landscapes of the countryside and forget all your worries and cares.


Vintage car holidays are perfect for slow travel, but they are also suitable to live a romantic experience and so perfect for your honeymoon. You can take these beautiful cars to spin yourself and make your own schedule, with time to take in the marvelous views, go shopping or taste the great food and wines of the Italian countryside. If you’ve chosen to arrive at your wedding in an elegant classic car, why not continue with a tour of Italy?

Wine Holidays

Italy has some of the best wines in the world. Italians love good cooking accompanied by a nice wine and are famous for their praising of the small pleasures of life. Wine holidays are a perfect way to rest and enjoy those small pleasures and even learn something new. 


Plan a romantic escape or even a honeymoon in Italy and treat your significant other like royalty with the renowned wines of Tuscany or Chianti. In a region famed for its gorgeous landscapes, Tuscan wine will definitely leave an impression. 


Wine holidays are becoming very popular because they are not just a way to relax and unwind after a long day – they offer you the chance to learn about wines and vineyards, you and your loved one attend tastings and sample some of the most delicious drinks in the world. There is a lot to learn about a country and its culture through such a holiday and most of these trips are tailored to suit your needs and be convenient for what you had in mind. Escorted tours and wine tastings are the newest trend when it comes to booking a holiday. Moreover, they are insanely romantic for couples – just like a fine wine, your love gets better with time.


Be the first one to enjoy a new Luxury Hotel & Castle

This is the new jewel of Tuscany:

a recently refurbished  estate with a luxury Castle and a 5-star boutique hotel.

The news is that you can rent the castle for your holidays with friend and family just as it was a villa. And if you book it now you can be the first to step on the Castle since it has been refurbished. The Castle and Hotel are going to open in April 2016!!


Gorgeous views for a relaxing and unforgettable holiday.


The 5-star hotel is part of the estate. 25 rooms to enjoy a truly special Tuscan experience.

View-from-the new-castle-for weddings-Tuscany.jpg

Enjoy another Secret corner of Tuscany, Your Secret Tuscany!

Marriage proposal...in Secret Tuscany

"I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever." Amy Tan

She found this poem hung on an ancient door called the "door of the sun".


She had to untie the knot in which poetry was tied to come through the door and find ....


Flower and candles to make the atmosphere even more special for the most romantic moment in their life. 

A  fine Chianti wine to make a toast to the magic of love and a delicious aperitif to wait the moment of the sunset to propose!

She said yes!

Hen party in Florence

Last Saturday we organized an amazing hen party in Florence. The main ingredient? Florence, its charming streets, the night life and some few details.

Trying to fit with the bride tastes we chose to start with a Spa, a cozy one in the town centre, nice atmosphere and a tavern in the ground floor where to have a private space...perfect to start the party with some hot confessions between friends.


Second stop: after a relaxing Spa we prepared some champagne and canapes in one of the most popular cocktail bar in Florence, very central location in the Lungarni, a top place where to start the Florentine night life.


Some champagne later...there was a funny treasure hunt among the historic wineries of Florence, a walking path to lead from the aperitif to the next stop having lots of fun and enjoying local people and places. Wine glasses, typical Tuscan panini and old Florentine songs with arranged lyrics for the bride!


Followed a live concert at the Murate. The band was told about the bride arrival and so they welcome her with a place in the stage! No shyness after the wine...


Last stop to ends up the crazy night: a disco pub in the town centre to live once again a dancing night with the best friends.


Finally recovering body and mind in a beautiful central hotel a few steps away with a little Spa to take back energy and vitality the day after the party.


If you are planning an exciting hen party in Florence you'll find thousands of ways to spend all night long enjoying the city! Have a safe hen party: no car, just walk on the city centre and enjoy!

Here you can find some nice place where to spend your crazy night:

Plasma, Joyce Pub, Pantheon, Rooms club, Caffe la Torre, Rifrullo, Zoe, Dolce Vita, Heminguay, Rivalta, Le Murate, Lochness, Space, Universale.

The origin of the world-wide famous Chianti Classic wine

In 1716, Cosimo de' Medici III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, decreed that the region between Florence and Siena could produce what today is known as Chianti Classic.

The origin of Chianti Classic can be probably traced back to the family Ricasoli infect the family tree, reproduced in a print from 1584, is also one of the first images we have of Chianti.

Bettino Ricasoli travelled widely, visited cellars, brought avant-garde knowledge and tools to Chianti, involved illustrious researchers and scholars of the period in his mission and was wise and far-sighted in attending to the marketing. His commitment to the economic development of Chianti is interwoven with the history of a political man who was one of the main players of the Italian Risorgimento and Prime Minister of the unified Italy after Cavour. His determination gave a direction to what can be defined as a Risorgimento in Italian wine-making.


The key to the unique qualities of Chianti Classic is the local sangiovese grape, and right now there is a strong movement to return to the ancient traditions of wine-making along with an eco-responsible trend towards organic cultivation.

Among the vineyards most famous in the world where designed wine cellars alternate with medieval villages, touring the area is a unique experience.

To know more about Chianti Classic: