Hen party in Florence

Last Saturday we organized an amazing hen party in Florence. The main ingredient? Florence, its charming streets, the night life and some few details.

Trying to fit with the bride tastes we chose to start with a Spa, a cozy one in the town centre, nice atmosphere and a tavern in the ground floor where to have a private space...perfect to start the party with some hot confessions between friends.


Second stop: after a relaxing Spa we prepared some champagne and canapes in one of the most popular cocktail bar in Florence, very central location in the Lungarni, a top place where to start the Florentine night life.


Some champagne later...there was a funny treasure hunt among the historic wineries of Florence, a walking path to lead from the aperitif to the next stop having lots of fun and enjoying local people and places. Wine glasses, typical Tuscan panini and old Florentine songs with arranged lyrics for the bride!


Followed a live concert at the Murate. The band was told about the bride arrival and so they welcome her with a place in the stage! No shyness after the wine...


Last stop to ends up the crazy night: a disco pub in the town centre to live once again a dancing night with the best friends.


Finally recovering body and mind in a beautiful central hotel a few steps away with a little Spa to take back energy and vitality the day after the party.


If you are planning an exciting hen party in Florence you'll find thousands of ways to spend all night long enjoying the city! Have a safe hen party: no car, just walk on the city centre and enjoy!

Here you can find some nice place where to spend your crazy night:

Plasma, Joyce Pub, Pantheon, Rooms club, Caffe la Torre, Rifrullo, Zoe, Dolce Vita, Heminguay, Rivalta, Le Murate, Lochness, Space, Universale.